Vintage Electric

€ 99.00

Vintage Electric is a reproduction of the vintage electric piano Fender Rhodes Mark I (1976) with a full range of dynamics (from soft to distorted sounds), release noise and pedal resonance. Automated controls let you modify the nature of sound (tines), key-off noise and pedal resonance for a more realistic sound. A new free update with new effects and new presets is available for all customers.

• Fender Rhodes Mark I (1976) implementation
• 2,2 GB Storage
• 24 bit resolution
• All samples with natural decay (no loop)
• Up to 16 velocity layers
• Pedal resonance (with control)
• Key-off noise level (with control)
• Tremolo effect (with controls)
• Adjustable Dynamic Curve
• Chorus effect (with controls)
• Convolution Reverb (with controls)
• Equalizer (Low, Mid, High)
• Powered by UVI Engine XT™
• Requires UVI Workstation v2.5.6 or later
• provides UVI Workstation for free!
• UVI Falcon full Compatibility!
• Playable by Motu Machfive too (requires v3.2.1)
• PACE protection system (free iLok account required)